🌎 Namaste beautiful souls. This happened unexpectedly yesterday when I was free styling. I was interrupted by this beautiful energy and I was surrounded by light beings during all of it. Angels, Ascended Masters, Guides, etc. made their presence known to me so I knew I was safe and nothing dangerous was taking place.

💗 It is my responsibility to relay this information and speak to as many souls as I am able to.

If you have any questions or want more information on anything regarding Star Beings, Energy, Channeling or anything related comment below or send me an email.

Sending you so much love and protection at this time. Water is so sacred we must remember that, it is crucial to us to have clean and access water. This is a huge wake up call for us to start taking ACTION on our planet, do what we need to do to support our Mother Gaia and her children, US. 💗💗💗

Email: StephanieRosa.Contact@gmail.com

Instagram: StephanieRosa_ Art Instagram: SpaceFairy_ – See more at: http://minnesotastandup.com/stephanie-rosa-1229-new-moon-tips-to-stay-aligned/#sthash.X3nQlEaY.dpuf

Stephanie Rosa – Light Language/ Light Codes

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