The Official Music Video for “Yes” by Ness Nite feat. Nick Jordan.

Produced by: Mike Frey & Ness Nite
Vocals: Ness Nite feat. Nick Jordan
Ness Nite, Mike Frey © 2016

Directed by Conner Evert
Director of Photography: Alan De Leon Taverna
Choreography by: Canaan Mattson
Costume Designer: Effy Kawira
Hair and Makeup: Emily Giwoyna
1st AD: Jesse VanDenElzen
1st AC: Chad Scheuneman
PAS: Blake Thielmann, Chris Deleo
Edited by: Conner Evert
Produced by: Conner Evert, Alan De Leon Taverna

Camille Horstmann, Zhané Jackson, Itly Thayeng, Brian Jay, Ricky Jay, Oskar Badd, Destiny Anderson, Tameka Colbert, Eddie Demmings, Lydia Jones, Mimi Roquemore.

TU Dance Center, Andy Boone

© 2016 Ness Nite, Conner Evert

Ness Nite – Yes (feat. Nick Jordan) OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

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