Here we have a documentary piece on what was at the time a burgeoning Hip-Hop scene in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota from the late 90’s. It was produced by Phillips Community Television and features such heroes and legends as: DJs & MCs – The Rhymesayers Collective, Atmosphere’s Slug, Eyedea & Ablities, Abstract Pack, Heiruspecs, Los Nativos, Musab & others; the breaking styles of The Battlecats; the Graffiti movement’s Eros, Spel, Kahn, NYC’s own Lady Pink, Blade and one-armed Kase. The doc touches on all four elements of Hip-Hop and captures a young scene in it’s formative years that would eventually blow up and reach places further than the state of Minnesota and the Midwest…

Minneapolis Massive (Hip-Hop Documentary)

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