Black Ice ft Impirio & Cru- “Take You High” Mastered. Produced by grammy winner Rahki. Shot & directed by Dave Wilson

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Impirio & Cru:

Lyrics Verse 1

“Dam I know they gonna hate this
When they see you in a porsche like a spaceship
Young captain kirk no star trek
About to beam up fresher then a clean cut
Ima show you how I rock it
Chillin with the stars all up in the comets
Mercury rings you know it aint a thing
When you with Black Ice you gonna know what I mean”

Verse 2
“Its the Black Ice movement
Asian swag she love how I do it
I came to rocket like houston
Paper in my pocket pop bottles make them lose it
Gucci tags I gotta stay fresh
Im hotter than the sun so you gotta say yes
So let me take you so high, get you so gone
Make you feel right”

Black Ice ft Impirio & Cru- “Take You High” Prod by @rahki

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