By now we’re all aware that whenever Kanye West works with a new artist—or is even associated with one—they will undoubtedly get some shine, even if it’s just in the form of a hashtag. But just because you find out about some new shit via the school of Ye, it doesn’t mean that it’s undeserving of the attention. Enter Allan Kingdom, a 21-year-old rapper/producer—really just an all around creative guy—hailing from Saint Paul, MN by way of Canada.

Kingdom has been making music for years, but caught his stride over the last two years, partially due to his working relationship with Plain Pat, but mostly due to his unique, experimental sound and unbridled creativity. His hard work and ability to stand out landed him on our list of 25 Rappers To Watch Out For in 2014. That statement rings true even on Kanye’s new single “All Day” where Kingdom’s haunting bridge has caused those who aren’t in the know to ask, “Who in the fuck is Allan Kingdom?”

Here’s your crash course on everything you need to know about the MC that everyone is talking about.

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Allan Kingdom: What You Need To Know About The Artist On Kanye’s “All Day” from Complex.

Allan Kingdom: Everything You Need To Know About The Cameo Star of Kanye’s “All Day”

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