Allan Kingdom
Birthday Party +
“Northern Lights”
LP Listening Party
Fine Line Music Cafe

Allan Kingdom – Northern Lights
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A 22 year old rapper paces in the greenroom downstairs, nervous but excited for his first show back in Minnesota since his two grammy nominations for the collaboration on Kanye West’s “All Day”. Allan Kingdom celebrates his birthday and recent release of his new album, Northern Lights, which he dropped on January 6th. After standing outside for over an hour in Minnesota’s unforgiving cold with many other thrilled fans, I entered the Fine Line Music Cafe and immediately felt the excitement .

Set against a nature themed background of snowy forests, lakes, rivers and starry skies, no one truly knew what this so-called ‘listening party’ was going to entail. DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip perched between two evergreens while delivering hit after hit from his turntables. Within an hour from doors opening the show was sold out, and the Fine Line turned into a crowded venue of over 700 dedicated fans. Allan Kingdom finally went on stage shortly before midnight. After an intense welcome, he dove into performing hits such as “Take It” and “Keep It Easy.” When the song ended, Allan screamed, “Make some noise for the youth!” As the crowed screamed, Kingdom goes on to say “I don’t try to put nobody on levels. I feel like all you guys are really here on stage with me….this is more than just a show.”

The stage was filled with fellow artists, friends, and beautiful women as Allan continued with songs off Northern Lights including “Monkey See.” The charismatic performance included Allan jumping and dancing around stage. At the end of the song, Allan let everyone in the party know “You just got to be yourself!” With everyone feeling wonderful, Allan went on to perform Minnesota’s theme song, Evergreens, off of the Future Memoirs project.

There was a continuous buzz of electricity and love for this hometown rapper that filled the room. Fellow artists Finding Novyon and Bobby Raps assisted Allan for a couple of songs, making sure the night continued with the same energy. DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip even enjoyed a slice of Pizza Lucè on stage, proving this to be a special night for Minnesota. At one point Allan decided to take a selfie with the crowd that literally held him up for the photo. Later in the night Allan brought the same intensity that surprised the world at the Brit Awards. Despite not having flame-throwers and Kanye’s presence, he brought the crowd to the climax of the night when he performed “All Day.” The only time of the night the stage was cleared was when Allan performed “Fables”, (which features Reggae chart topper, Chronixx). With the room lit only by cell phones, this supernatural performance was Allan’s testimony to stay true to himself.

Allan Kingdom – Birthday Party / Northern Lights Listening Party (RECAP)

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